Iyengar yoga classes in Alpine TX            

Utthita Hasta Padasana
Preparation for Rope 1 / Upward Dog
Janu Sirsasana
The Granada Yoga Studio is located inside Alpine, Texas' Granada Theater, an historic downtown building that was restored in 2008 and is now used as a premier event space in Alpine (go there).  The yoga studio is separate from the theater, occupying the former mezzanine at the building's front (street-side) end.  With the restoration of the entire theater, the yoga studio upstairs was finished with bamboo floors and clay-plaster walls, and it is light, spacious and lovely inside.  The studio is large enough for 40 people to simultaneously do standing poses on their mats without bumping into each other at all!  (That's a safe estimate; we've had 30.)  We have mats, blocks, blankets, slant-boards, wall ropes, straps....  All the standard Iyengar-yoga props.